RCAS Cookbook! Please Contribute!

Sep 26, 2017 by

RCAS is embarking on a culinary adventure!  Collecting recipes and great stories to go along with them…Please use the Google Form below to submit your recipes…note the following instructions:

Copyright law states that lists are not protected by copyright. Recipes contain lists which are not protected, but also contain descriptions, directions, and other text which are protected. Photographs, are protected as well. What this means is that you need to submit to us descriptions and instructions that you have written as well as photographs you have made. If you are using someone else’s descriptions, instructions, photographs, etc., you will need to have their permission. You will also be asked to agree to a license granting RCAS permission to publish your recipe and any associated photographs you provide.

This project is completely dependent on our RCAS membership and families.  Please participate!


If you have any questions please contact Roger Weaver at: jrogerweaver@gmail.com



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